Daniel R. Shetka

November 29, 1949 - September 28, 2019

Daniel R. Shetka, age 69, of Richfield, died suddenly while helping a friend on Saturday, September 28, 2019.  Dan was born on November 29, 1949 in St. Paul to Richard R. and Celia A. (Kopet) Shetka.  He grew up in the Veseli area, attended Most Holy Trinity Catholic School. He was an active 4-H member during his school years. He graduated from New Prague High School, where he was an accomplished wrestler and member of the football team.  He went on to attend culinary school in Faribault, received an associate degree from Austin Community College, and finally received his bachelor degree in Elementary Education from Winona State University.  Dan taught school at Le Sueur Public Schools and then LNMV Parochial School.  He was the coordinator for Lifeline Staffing for many years and most recently worked as a handyman.  Throughout his life, his passion was organic gardening and he sold his produce at Minneapolis/St. Paul Farmers’ Markets.


Dan was the Vice President on the board of directors for St. Michael Broadcasting. He was an avid Minnesota sports fan, especially the Vikings and Gophers. Though he didn’t spend a lot of time in a boat, he enjoyed fishing.  Culinary pursuits made up a good part of his life.  He loved to cook and bake and was noted for his angel food cakes from scratch and a love for entertaining his family with large, home-cooked dinners.  He was an animal lover and could nurse a small orphaned animal back to health. A devout Catholic, Dan’s faith was the most important part of his life and he lived it on a daily basis with a heart of gold and the compassion to be one of the first to offer and lend help to someone in need.


Dan is survived by his siblings, Richard (Bee) Shetka, Theodore (Yettave) Shetka, Jerry (Paula) Shetka, Patricia Chapel & (Larry Bock), Fred Shetka, Stanley (Kiersten) Shetka, Karen (Ron) Nies, Joseph (Jeanne) Shetka, Mary Shetka, Sandi Shetka, Anita Alufohai, Susan (John) Marshalla, Rick (Crystal) Shetka. He is preceded in death by his parents.


Mass of Christian Burial will be held Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 11:00 AM at St. Wenceslaus Church in New Prague, with Father Kevin Clinton officiating.  Visitation will be held at church 1 hour prior to Mass from 10 – 11.  Burial will occur at St. John’s Cemetery in Veseli.


In lieu of flowers, memorials preferred to St. Michael Broadcasting (P.O. Box 131202, St. Paul, MN  55113-0011)

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Connie Gisvold Nyquist

I was a student of Mr. Shetka’s back in 1972-1973. I believe this was his 1st year teaching in Le Sueur. I am rather sad right now to hear of his passing. This morning, I needed to come up with some security questions for a website that I use. One of the questions was “Name your 3rd Grade Teacher.” That brought up some good memories and my quick Google Search brought me here. I will always remember Mr. Shetka fondly – especially this time of year. I had severe asthma in 3rd grade which was not easily controlled given the… Read more »

fred Shetka

Dan was a great brother who loved and gave to others. Every Christmas he would bake over 12 types of cookies and give to all 12 siblings. Dan may your soul rest in peace and may God Bless you up there with mom and dad. Dan was the best baker in the family making everything from scratch. He took care of mom for a number of years until she passed on to heaven in 2014. Praying for you and all of us one day will enter the kingdom. God puts us all on earth to test us and earn our… Read more »

fred Shetka

God has reasons to call us home, sometimes we do not know why and why so early but eventually all of us will be called to his kingdom. Dan took care of mom for so many years and he was an outgoing person. I always let him know that he was outgoing to others. It is better to give then receive was his motto. Yes we all come into this world naked and leave naked with nothing but our soul and then we have our one on one talk with GOD. Dan certainly earned his key to the golden gate… Read more »

Ann K

I am so very sorry for the family’s loss. Dan was a wonderful man and very good friend! I will miss him dearly! In God’s name I pray Dan will always have peace with his parents above.

Nancy Fierst

So sorry to read about your brother Dan passing away. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.
Growing up in the small town of Veseli seems like all of us are still bonded together even though we live miles apart.
Our Deepest Sympathy! Randy and Nancy (Lapic) Fierst

Anita Alufohai

I loved my dear brother Dan very much! He was the only brother I have that I could truly call a brother. He was always there for me. He always remembered me on my birthday with a singing message on my phone and a cute birthday card. Every Sunday after the Vikings game, he would call me to talk about the game and he would ask how I was doing. He was such a kind, loving man. He would always end the call with “I love you Anita” and I would say “I love you too”. Those were his last… Read more »

sandi shetka

I know he was so kind to you Anita, and to all of us who truly knew him. He was a wonderful saintly man. So sorry you couldn’t attend his funeral, we thought of you in spirit . He sure was a Vikings fan. ( Got that from mother and dad) These days are so difficult to live with the reality of him not being physically here. I will miss him the rest of my life. I just am filled with hope though, at him being in heaven with all saints, one of which is HIM! I want to be… Read more »

Fritz (Scotty) Ziskovsky

My sincere sympathy to the family. He was a great class mate and a wonderful neighbor.

stan Shetka

Thank you for your thoughts ! I remember the ride shares to Veseli with your and your family !

Michael Bird

Oh Dan! You are one of the most humble, pure and kind people I have ever met. As long as I have known you, you tried to imitate the life of our Savior, and as far as I can tell, you succeeded. What an inspiration you are to me. I miss you so, dear friend. You’ve given me another reason to try harder to live a better, holier life—so that one day we may joyfully meet again, never to be parted, with all our loved ones, in the presence of the Holy Trinity, the God of Love. Dan once wrote… Read more »

Sandi Shetka

Michael, you have always been there for Dan and supported him in every way. We celebrated your friendship with Dan and my mother, too. Thank YOU for being so generous in your friendship and love. Dan certainly lived a saintly life and I believe he’s with God today. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts. We appreciate you.

fred Shetka

Thanks for sending me those text messages from Dan. He was truly very Christian and now he is in the hands of GOD and also seeing mom and dad and one of our great uncle’s ED Kopet. I know it is a big loss for you as well Michael but GOD has plans for us all one day to enter the kingdom and life on this earth is so short so we must all love one another.

fred Shetka

Last Night I had a dream that Dan came to talk to me and tell me how nice it is in heaven. I don’t think it was a dream but the real thing because when I woke up and all the lights were on in my apartment and I knew when I went to bed that the lights were definitely turned off. Something going on here !!!!! May his soul rest in peace as it is almost a month already that his soul left his body and went to heaven to be with the Lord. My wife Pastor Murray when… Read more »